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Charting the Course for Service Learning: From Curriculum Considerations to Advocacy A Faculty Development Workbook

Charting the Course for Service Learning: From Curriculum Considerations to Advocacy—A Faculty Development Workbook

(Editors: Mary Jane Eisenhauer, Nancy B. Marthakis, J.R. Jamison, and Marifran Mattson)
This faculty development workbook will help you or your faculty map the course for service-learning at your institution while providing prompts for exploration and examples and downloadable templates for tangible navigational tools.  From curriculum considerations, choosing the right community partner, budgets and funding, promotion/tenure/faculty rewards, to become an advocate at your institution (plus much, much more), the design of the workbook allows for the flexibility to start at the beginning and work your way through each chapter, or begin with any chapter that may be relevant for your journey in service-learning.


Paperback: 184 pages (plus CD of downloadable templates)

Publisher: Indiana Campus Compact; 2011

Language: English

ISBN: 978-1-4507-9240-0

Campus Compact Member Price: $35.00

Non-Campus Compact Member Price: $70.00


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On-line Educational Modules on Intergenerational Service-Learning

The Foundation for Long Term Care has completed a series of free on-line educational modules on the concept of Intergenerational Service Learning, which can be helpful for promoting civic engagement for elders.

Engaging Students in the Election—Ways Faculty and Administrators Can Still Make a Difference

Paul Loeb pulled together a list of things faculty, administrators and student leaders can still do to get students volunteering and voting.

Quick Hits for Service-Learning

Indiana University Press is pleased to announce the recent publication of:

Quick Hits for Service-Learning
Successful Strategies by Award-Winning Teachers
Edited by M. A. Cooksey and Kimberly T. Olivares

"A useful compendium of service-learning examples." —Paul Rogat Loeb, author of Soul of a Citizen: Living with Conviction in Challenging Times

Service-learning, the integration of classroom instruction with community service projects, is rapidly gaining momentum as a successful teaching and learning strategy that benefits both students and their communities. Quick Hits for Service-Learning presents more than 80 examples of innovative curricula, developed by educators in a wide range of disciplines, designed to combine community service with instruction and reflection. Seven chapters offer tips for classroom activities that focus on the education of children and youth; civic awareness, engagement, and activism; language, literature, and communication; global studies and local outreach to exceptional populations; the study of history, the social sciences, and the arts; business, industry, and the health sciences; and the teaching of research and other "tools of the trade." Brimming with ideas that busy faculty members can easily adapt to their own classrooms, this book is a valuable reference for faculty new to the field or seasoned practitioners looking for fresh ideas.

196 pp.
paper 978-0-253-22330-2 $21.95

For more information, visit:

Serve at Your Own Risk?: Service-Learning in the Promotion and Tenure Process

Written by Jacquelyn Frank, Mark Malaby, Laura Raidonis Bates, Marcie Coulter-Kern, Sheron Fraser-Burgess, J.R. Jamison, Linda Stalker Prokopy, Nathan A. Schaumleffel - The ICC 2008-2009 Faculty Fellows Class.

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